21-1033 - 3M M/FILM 8-1/2X11" 400G 30M GRN 362L PK/50-USA

  • 3M M/Film 8-1/2X11" 400G 30M Grn 362L Pk/50-USA.
  • 3M™ Microfinishing Film 362L is good for microfinishing as it comes in a wide range of grades, so operators can choose the right grade for their part. The grades are also color coded to help operators reduce the risk for error when there are multiple grades in a sequence. It may be used on a variety of substrates, including clear coats, gelcoats,‎ soft and hard composites, metals, softwoods and hardwoods, primer, fiberglass, sealers, paint, solid surfaces and particle board.
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