25-2040 - GLARDON BUFF, NEEDLE - SET / 6 FILE - LAC2462-140-G10

  • Glardon Buff, Needles - Set / 6 Files -Composed of LAC2401 - LAC2402 - LAC2403 - LAC2407 - LAC2410 - LAC2411
  • Glardon Buff file are an alternative to the wooden buff. Its stiffness will allow you to make sharp edges. It saves your time and money compared to the wooden buff which clogs and wears easily. You can reach areas impossible to reach with wooden buffs. 
  • These files facilitate precise work, allowing you to save time and money  working on hard materials such as titanium alloys and steel, and also have a  long service life since they are high-quality, Swiss Made products that are impact- and corrosion-resistant.
  • Item #: 25-2040
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